Same Old Same Old

by Empty Fish Tank

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'Same Old Same Old' (2014) is the debut album for Empty Fish Tank aka Anthony Silvestrini = pop/rock music. Think Crowded House & The Beatles having dinner. Featuring singles 'Are You Sticking Around?' and 'Long Gone'. CHEERS!


released April 5, 2014

(c) 2014 Empty Fish Tank
All songs written by Anthony SIlvestrini except ‘In Quiet’ written by John Field and Anthony SIlvestrini
Produced by Anthony Silvestrini
Drums and percussion engineered by Chris Blancato and Jono Peters at Bearclaw Productions
All other sounds engineered by Anthony SIlvestrini
Recorded at Bearclaw Productions, Dent Keys Studios, Silverstring sound and various humble abodes
Mixed by Brad Jones at Alex The Great Recording
Mastered By Don Bartley at Benchmark Mastering

Thank you!

The Musicians:
Christopher Conroy - drums and percussion
Zach Manning - alto and baritone Saxophone
Melanie McLeod - female vocals
Michael O’Donnell - viola
Julia Plummer - female vocals
Anthony Silvestrini - bass, guitars, keys, male vocals and percussion Gajan Sivaneson - trumpet
Laura Spedding - violin
Michael Stevenson - cello
Jayden Victoria - trombone
and the April Choir: Doug Bryant, Christopher Conroy, Alice McFadden, Joel Hogan, Tania Hogan, Neil Murphy, Gemma McKenzie, Luke Calarco, Leah Sassoon, Julia Plummer, Leonardo Silvestrini, Sofia Silvestrini and Jessica Turner

Photography by Aaron Carr and Leonardo Silvestrini
Beautiful Covergirls: Margaret Maher, Jeanette Gallagher, Elaine Geoghegan, Patricia Jack, Peg McNamee, Joy Gleeson, Marie Field, Yvonne Gangemi and Wilma Gollignon

Truly cheers to all these amazing people listed above for making this album what it is, Daniel Attard for your logo amazingness, TroyHorse, the amazing musicians who helped me play these songs live in band formation, and especially to my loving family Roger, Maria, Sofia, Leonardo and Doge for your constant support and putting up with me. Oh and Louie, “gday!”



all rights reserved


Empty Fish Tank Sydney, Australia

Empty Fish Tank aka Anthony Silvestrini = pop/rock music. Think Crowded House & The Beatles having dinner. CHEERS!

Debut album 'Same Old Same Old' available here or in physical form at a gig. Features singles 'Are You Sticking Around?' and 'Long Gone'.
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Track Name: In Quiet
Verse 1:
Put my eyes into burrows to save energy,
because they're not really open if not trained on you
In the quiet of a day storm, hail forms and cuts me wide open
If a thousand words are painted, why do only 3 hurt?

In quiet, in quiet, in quiet

Verse 2:
Take the time to look over and check you're okay
And if all your gates are broken, and your locks thrown away
Thought you lost it completely but you came back with a sigh of relief
Anywhere is nice on a nice day, don't remind me I can't remember

Who really cares, who really cares, I do.
Track Name: Long Gone
Verse 1:
Firm and friendly, never familiar, enough but not enough to do nothing
Feeling welcome but, not welcome is my stay, the things on the street aren't cheap anyway
If I had a dollar for every time you said, you would be leaving I'd be a rich man
Now that it's finally true, turns out I had no clue. If I had the answers...
I would say them, but all I have, at the moment are comments to share like...

When I hear those 3 words, it makes me lower then before,
now that you're gone, gone gone, long gone.
But if I get the chance I'll take it to not be by myself
now that you're gone, gone gone, long gone.

Verse 2:
It's better to have lost, then not to lose at all, well on the fence is where I'll be sitting
Bad luck there never is an easy solution like tapping my heels or simply wishing
“What ifs”, “how coulds”, “whys” and “if onlys”
It feels like it's been broken but I'm still in one piece,
moving on not denying the fact that...
Track Name: Are You Sticking Around?
Hook: Na na na na, na na na na na, na na na na na na na, na x2

Verse 1:
Are you sticking around or have you gone and found,
a better ground for you to stand?
Well if that's the way then it's goodbye today,
It's goodbye to what we had
When we started out there was no fear about
where we wanted this to go
After all that's been and ever since
It's a shame and you should that...

I want you to stay by my side
But I know it's not up to me to decide
But I … wish I could,
I …...wish could,
I ….. wish I could just change
Just change your mind

Verse 2:
Are you sticking around or do you want to leave
and focus on other things, other beings?
Then what do I do with the precious 2,
the little treasures that we made?

In a weird way, it's good cause my life will last
Now that I'm not as happy, as I once was,
time won't go as fast.
Track Name: Frozen Ocean
Verse 1:
I wait for doors to open up for me
Only to be thrown in my face
I'm not meant for this place

Verse 2:
I try but nothing does work for me
There's no point in me going on
Where did I go wrong?
Where did I go wrong?

Verse 3:
I wait for oceans to freeze
So I can walk on water
To be further away
Further away
Track Name: Leprechaun
Verse 1:
An eye for an eye will leave this dirty Earth blind
So stop the revenge and then we'll see eventually that everything's alright
Me and you there isn't anything we cannot do
Because between us there is no fear from year to year
I know everything's alright

But when others say there's greener grass I stand on my turf true

Chorus 1:
Tempting millions with their vices,
in the end it's never priceless
All I really want is you tonight

Verse 2:
These circles I have collected in my travels
Are kept on the shelf collecting dust without a fuss but everything's alright
I see you every morning now and there's no clue
if I'll be talking to you or stare into thin air until everything's alright

Chorus 2:
Tempting millions with their vices,
in the end it's never priceless
All I really want is you tonight
There's nothing in this world that compares
to your fingers on my chest
All I really want is you tonight

Tonight, tonight, tonight
Track Name: Bells & Whistles
Verse 1:
Many speak of blocks but I do not build at all
The art is finally done so the pressing pressure for more will soon follow…

Pre 1:
After stats and number games
Your squid arms will flail as always just the same

Every word, every dream, is bound to come around again
Every sign, every scene, is replayed by a fold of ten
Every song and every heart, are just Bells and Whistles

Verse 2:
I see in technicolour towards the strings I have bonded and learnt so well
But I know colours will change once I am out of this dry spell.
Something as thick...

Pre 2:
as blood should not ever be a chore,
But rest assured if it becomes this way
I will reconsider

There’s no need,
for black to bleed
Track Name: When You Wake
Verse 1:
When you wake, I won't be around, you won't see, see my frown
When you wake, you will force me in, for petty theft, for my skin
What's mine should be yours, and yours should be mine
What happened there?

It's over, done, complete and ended now
And yet hanging on still remains

Verse 2:
When you wake, I'll be kicking myself,
I forgot to prevent the cold seeping in again

There's bound to be someone else who feels the exact same as I do
It's good to know I am not alone but it doesn't change the truth

Chorus extension:
I guess I could fight fire with fire, but my other cheek is turned away
I accept the fact you don't like me and take the pain
Track Name: Take Another Stab At Me
Verse 1:
I am, the man, in the middle
You are, the rest in for the kill
Don't know how, I can deal, with these cards any longer
Nor put up, with no backbone, or withstand your

Take another stab at me
And I fall back to my knees
How am I supposed to be what you want me to be
When I can't even be me

Verse 2: There's just, so much, that one person can take
Should I, or should I not, do this all over again?
Sharing is caring, sharing is caring, but not when you want o slash
Slash someone into pieces, to break them apart,
to spread the laughter around

Be careful what you say, don't bring that back up,
I'd almost forgotten
Still the repetition lingers, I'm swallowing the ice,
and once the static clears
Track Name: Hold Onto Me
Verse 1:
I learnt the hard way, just what to say
To make you on my side for the ride

Pre 1:
It took me all this time to get your hand to make me finally understand...

You can't improve that is why you are perfect through my two eyes
Baby don't you give up hold onto me

Verse 2:
I now know why I'm here it's so clear

Pre 2:
I opened a window to close a door to escape like I did before

Verse 3:
I realise why you left and why there's regret

Pre 3:
I wish you all the best I truly do
and only hope that you think of me to
and pray that I get what I need eventually

Chorus Extended:
I'll be the roof for your head, shield for protection and sword for defence
There's no need to fear babe hold onto me

Hold on, hold on, hold onto me
Hold on, hold on, hold onto me
Track Name: Some Of These Parts
Verse 1:
These eyes have seen enough over the years enduring, suffering tough
That leads towards the hoards of lies, piling up from events seen through these eyes

Verse 2:
These hands have felt too much, pain and regret from all the things they've touched
As a result any future plans, won't be the same now because of these hands

We are comprised of the sum of our parts,
but on their own they cause more battles scars
It would be easy to make a fresh start
If we, could detach from some of these parts

Verse 3:
These lips join as one, create the kiss that made it come undone
I can't take back the memories or slips, all I have is “sorry” from these lips
Track Name: Close To Close
Verse 1:
This is the part where we discuss about the start
of us proceeding with every fear and doubt arising

Pre 1:
I'll hide from you, wish I knew just what I could do

I know my moves frustrate and the words I say sometimes aren't great
But I won't be here for long so put up with me before I, I am gone

Verse 2:
This is the day when everything stops and change has its way
but I never would've planned for this at all on Sunday morning we ignore the truth and then

Pre 2:
we fall on down, only woken up by the solid ground

Verse 3:
This is the end all memories made and we'll pretend that
That there was nothing bad, only reminisce upon the good times that we

Pre 3:
had over the years, all brought to a close sealed with tears